Meet Amigo.

"This is what it’s all about – a great band of good musicians who know how to write funny songs, sad songs, clever songs, songs that rock and roll. There is no gimmick here: Amigo is the real thing." 

- Paul Zollo, American Songwriter


At their proud core Amigo are a rock and roll band.

They are a guitar, a bass, a drumset and buckets full of songs, and their belief in rock and roll - in its deitic promise, in its ability to shake the listeners, the players, the writers to their core - is absolute.

The Charlotte-based trio, comprised of guitarist Slade Baird, bassist Thomas Alverson and drummer Adam Phillips, has been putting rubber to road in senses both theoretical and literal since their inception in 2012, developing their keen sense of harmony and interplay, honing their songwriting chops and developing an absolutely white hot live show, which has become the main vehicle for their brand of rock and roll evangelism. The intervening years has found the band playing shows numbering in the several hundreds and driven their trusty van tens of thousands of miles, as they regularly traipse around the southeast, from Charlotte to Rock Hill, Greenville to Atlanta, Nashville to Jackson and beyond.


Amigo is:

Slade Baird
Guitar / Lead Vocals

Thomas Alverson
Bass Guitar / BGVs

Adam Phillips
Drums / BGVs

Molly Poe